The #1 problem with Sciatica

Living in pain can be a huge obstacle to living a full live. How can you enjoy a family dinner if you can’t even sit in the chair to eat? It breaks my heart to hear parents tell me that they can’t carry or play with their kids because of their pain or fear of getting hurt.

I remember experiencing this back in 2008 when my sciatica pain was so bad that I couldn’t sit through my classes, couldn’t sit for dinner with my teammates, or even sit in the library to study. My grades started to drop because I didn’t have the energy or desire to study, my friends started to be more distant because I couldn’t sit with them to eat. 

I needed an escape from this pain cycle. Back then, I didn’t know what I know now. But I knew I needed help. So I reached out to the sports medicine department at my school and then began physical therapy. After about 4-6 weeks of treatment, I was finally able to sit again without pain. My grades started to go back up, my friends started to hang out with me again. I broke free from the pain and finally got back to living my life.

There is a saying: a healthy person has a thousand dreams, a sick person only has one.

Pain management is a part of healthcare, and if we are in pain, we are not our best selves. This means that our sole focus is on recovery. 

It is time for you to pursue your dreams. You deserve to live your life and be what you were meant to be. And you will in fact recover, there is hope.

If you are currently following a program to help with your sciatica pain, keep up the good work. If you are looking for help, comment below.


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