The #1 question I wish I was asked when dealing with Sciatica pain

I’ve spent that past 10 years helping thousands of people like yourself recover from sciatica pain. I wish I could say that it was all sunshine and rainbows, and every client was a success from the get go. However, this was not the case. In fact, the first 3-5 years of my career included a lot of reading, self discovery, and self doubt. The years after that became a period of refinement, confidence, and assurance that I am destined to help people like you.

Looking back on the past 10 years, I often wonder, what could I have done or asked differently that could have lead to a faster or more effective outcome? And it brought me to one specific question that I wish that I asked at the start of all this.

“How is this pain affecting your life?”.

Physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers, doctors, and other clinicians are often looking at you at a specific moment in time. Meaning that for the most part, if you leave the clinic/gym/facility without pain, their job is done. However, that 1 hour you spend with the clinician only accounts for about 4% of a 24 hour period, and even less as the days press on. Sometimes that pain lasts between sessions but more often than not, pain will revert back to baseline.

Could this have been due to the fact that the effects of the technique are short lasting? Could it be that you need to do these exercises/techniques more often? Maybe.

But a large part is tying in recovery into your day. What this truly means is going back to the original question, “how is pain affecting your life?” You and your clinician should be looking at your entire day and find opportunities in which your pain can increase. It may be during a time when you are standing, sitting, walking, or even moving a certain way. Again, those exercise/techniques will be used to reduce your pain at the moment; but we need to discover a way in which you have less opportunities to irritate your pain.

So if you have been experiencing fluctuations in your pain throughout the day, make a journal of a 24 hour time period. Break it down into activity and your pain intensity. Either by yourself, or with a clinician, go through this journal and spot any opportunities for this pain to increase, and work on solutions to address that. You’ll be surprised about how mindful you are about your day, movement, and behaviors…. And you will also be surprised about how good you feel.

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