The perfect online coaching session

Online and virtual training sessions were tools of the future a few months ago. But with the evolution of the COVID 19 crisis, fitness facilities and boutique gyms were required to make a large pivot into online and virtual coaching quickly. This provides a ton of opportunities for people who need a plan for their health.

There are a lot of benefits to virtual training:

  • Convenience can be done anywhere in the world
  • Flexible with scheduling- little to no commute time
  • Customized- working directly with your coach
  • Easy to implement

The challenges to virtual training are mostly related to the logistics to optimize the experience. There seemed to be a limited amount of resources available to maximize the experience for the consumer who’s hired coaches throughout the world to provide what they need the most, a platform for communication, visualization and instruction. After conducting hundreds of online remote coaching sessions, here are the action steps to maximizing the online experience for you.

  1. Download the app to use for video training (zoom, FaceTime, etc.)
    • Hudson River Fitness uses Zoom for the training session 
  2. You can use a phone or laptop computer
    • A phone is helpful because it’s easy to maneuver
      • Get a tripod for your phone to make it as hands free as possible
    • A computer provides a much larger screen to see the training session
      • Place the computer on a table top that allows you to get a full view of your body (feet on the floor and about 12 inches above your head
    • For either a computer or phone, you want to make sure that there is enough space allowing you to move around while also being in the field of view of the camera
  3. Clear out your movement space
    • Minimal space needed is the size of a normal yoga mat (6 feet long x 2 feet wide)
  4. Bring your equipment to the movement area
    • Ensure that your coach knows about all of the equipment available to you
  5. Wear comfortable and flexible clothing
    • Regular gym clothes!
    • Shorts and t shirt are the best so that we can see as many joints moving
  6. Headphones?
    • Wireless headphones are great!
    • No headphones? No worries
      • Turn on your volume on computer or phone so that you can hear and see your coach clearly!
  7. Minimize distractions
    • Just like a training session at the gym or even an in person physical therapy session, the focus is staying in the moment. This is your time.
  8. Enjoy the session!

Online training enables you to work with the top coaches and professionals in the world. It’s crucial that you are set up for success so that you can make the best use of your time. Interested in learning more about getting off pain medications and avoiding surgery? Book your strategy call by clicking on this link.


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