The Sciatica Protocol

Convenient and effective sciatica pain management through text messaging.

Why use the Sciatica Protocol?

Time is our most valuable asset. Avoid having to wait in a busy waiting room to see a doctor or physical therapist, and avoid having to go to an in person clinic. Our text protocol is built specifically for you to go through entirely on your time without having to wait for a professional. Sciatica pain relief is as easy as sending a text message. 

Our program is designed to get you relief fast so that you can return to the things you love. To get started, fill out the form below to take our free 9 question quiz to see if we can help you!

what you'll get:

Start on your time

No need to wait for an appointment with a professional. This program is designed for you to start the moment you begin to feel sciatica pain.

100% customization

Your response to your specific exercises will dictate the next steps.


Daily communication helps you stay on track and address any challenges that you may have along the way.


This program is designed by Dr. Ashley Mak, PT, DPT, a specialist in sciatica pain management. Use the exact process that he uses to treat the hardest of sciatica pain cases.

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