The truth about bed rest

Bed rest is not helpful.

Why this matters:

A systematic literature review (2nd highest level of scientific evidence) revealed that “bed rest is less effective than advice to stay active for low back pain”, and for sciatica “there is little to no difference between advice to rest in bed and advice to stay active”. 

What this means:

Bed rest will probably not help you recover from your pain. This is even more apparent as you go further down your healing journey. If you just got hurt, then there is inflammation, pain, and joint protection. Yes, you will need to modify activity so that you don’t further increase the inflammation. If you are outside the healing window (6-12 weeks), then bed rest will often result in stiffness and possibly more pain.

Movement itself is medicine.  It helps lubricate the joints and muscles so that the body can calm down and heal. With sciatica pain, you’re dealing with an irritated nerve so it is important to find ways to reduce the intensity of your pain.

Action steps:

Find positions, movements, stretches, and exercises that either reduce your pain or make no change. This will take a little self discovery. Make a list of activities that feel good or have no change on your symptoms. Do more of those activities. Make a second list of activities that hurt you. Modify those activities or completely remove them from your day.

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