The truth about steroid injections

Spinal injections can help under certain conditions

Why this matters:

Throughout the sciatica pain relief journey, a spinal injection may be recommended/suggested. There is a lot of confusion as to what and why this procedure is done, as well as whether or not it is effective. The two most common spinal injections are an anesthetic and a steroid. An anesthetic is used to block the pain pathways, which reduces pain. A steroid is designed to reduce any swelling or inflammation which can result in pain relief. Depending on your clinical presentation and the doctor, you’ll be provided with the necessary recommendations. 

These injections can work if: the area of injection is the true source of pain and if the right chemical is provided.

I can’t recommend whether or not you get that injection, however, I do see benefits in some clients who get this injection.

The rule however, is that even though you get some pain relief, the key to keeping that relief, is to ensure that you are moving the right way. 

Action step:

Pain relief is not a free pass to going back to your old ways. You still need to problem solve and figure out why that area was irritated in the first place. Is it because of how you walk, stand, sit, etc.? If you can figure out your triggers, that will help your recovery. It’s time to make a change.


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