Tight hamstrings?

This is better than the typical hamstring stretch.

Why this matters:

The hamstrings get stretched by keeping a straight leg and bending forward. However, this is the same position that puts stretch on the sciatic nerve. When you have sciatica nerve pain, the nerve itself is irritated, and you want to do everything you can to reduce that irritation. A prolonged stretch will result in reducing blood flow and can potentially make that nerve unhappy. Which is why I recommend pulsing in and out of tension rather than a sustained stretch, if the hamstrings need to be moved around. In addition to that, we need to find ways to keep those hamstrings flexible throughout the day. Muscles don’t just get tight for no reason.

Action steps:

Try this new hamstring stretch. Instead of bending forward at the spine and irritating the sciatic nerve, we are moving at the hips. Specifically with rotation. Find the point of tension and get yourself out of tension. Complete about 15 pulses and change sides. This stretch is for you if the pain reduces, or you are feeling better. If your pain intensifies, that means that this stretch is not for you… for now.If you are looking for more daily stretches sent directly to your phone, check out the sciatica protocol. Claim your free 3 day trial here.


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