Time saving tips for sciatica relief

So you’ve been to physical therapy, following an online stretching/exercise program, and have gone to doctor after doctor for your sciatica pain. You started to notice that your exercise program is starting to get a little long, like at least an hour a day type of long. Who has time for that? We should be able to spend our time living our lives the way we want on our conditions. So what is the best time saving tip to relieving sciatica pain?

I have two of them for you. 

The first is trying to find the exercises that provide the most amount of relief for you and keep doing them. The other exercises where they don’t do much, you have my permission to reduce them or take them out of your program. If you aren’t feeling a benefit from it, then most likely they aren’t helping you and could be a waste of time. Some people will say, “well, it will take a little more time to experience relief”. I disagree with that because if you are in an active state of pain, there should be a few exercises (up to 5) that can reduce the intensity, size, or centralize (move the pain up your back) pretty immediately. So reevaluate your plan so that you can maximize your time.

The second tip is to look at your behaviors throughout the day. You see, the 1 hour of PT/exercise you spend throughout the day only accounts for about 4% of a 24 hour day. That means, there are so many other factors at place (not just exercise). Increase your awareness of your body’s posture when standing, sitting, and even simple tasks like getting up/off a toilet/couch, and walking. If you can see anything that may be contributing to your pain, you can start to make modifications to them which won’t take up too much time. It will take a little detective work, but you should be able to figure out what your triggers are and be able to make the necessary changes.

If you haven’t started a program yet, or are looking to change up your routine, our Sciatica protocol provides a time efficient way for you to find the right stretches/exercises, and helps you reevaluate your daily behaviors in as little as 10 minutes per day. Check it out here.

If you are having trouble trying to figure out what happens outside of your stretching session and need helping reevaluating your current relief program, book a free strategy call with us today. We can help you figure this out. You can book a link for the call here.


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