Turmeric and Sciatica Pain

Meet Dr. Shivani Gupta, entrepreneur, and PhD in Turmeric. Today we discuss the benefits of Turmeric, Ayurvedic medicine, and how this amazing plant and curcumin extra can help with pain management.

Here are some scientific studies citing the benefits of turmeric in pain management like sciatica:…

These results indicated that curcumin exerted a therapeutic role in neuropathic pain by down-regulating p300/CBP HAT activity-mediated gene expression of BDNF and Cox-2……

CUR decreased CD11b and GFAP gene expression in the spinal cord. BDMC decreased IBA-1 in the spinal cord and amygdala as well as CD11b and GFAP in the spinal cord. Both CUR and BDMC reduced PGC1α gene expression in the amygdala, PINK1 gene expression in the spinal cord, and TLR4 in the spinal cord and amygdala, while they increased Complex I and SOD1 gene expression in the spinal cord. CUR and BDMC administration decreased mechanical hypersensitivity in NP by mitigating glial activation, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial dysfunction.

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