Turmeric for Sciatica Pain

Turmeric may be helpful with sciatica pain.

Why this matters:

More and more people are searching for a natural way to treat sciatica pain (outside of exercise). This review conducted in 2020, concluded “Thus, curcumin because of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-ER-stress, and neuro-protective properties is the perfect candidate for the treatment of PN.” The letters “PN” is short for peripheral neuropathy, in which sciatica is a form of peripheral neuropathy.

Action steps: 

Talk with your doctor to see if turmeric could be helpful for you. It can be ingested via capsule form (often paired with black pepper to provide better absorption). I also like to ingest it via foods. Turmeric adds an earthy flavor and yellow color to stews and chilis. It’s often found in Indian food.

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