Dream Come True

I’m not much of a podcast guy. I only live a few blocks away from the gym, so luckily my commute is very short and truthfully I’d rather sit by myself and read a book.

But today I had to run some errands so I put on a podcast to make the best use of my time.

I listened to the Millionaire’s Mindcast, and the special guest was John Bowen. He is the financial advisor of financial advisors, host and attendee of many masterminds (a get together of like minded entrepreneurs who try to solve problems). He was talking about how he invests over $100k a year into his development professionally (mastermind and other courses).

What really stuck with me was about 10 minutes in when he was talking about the pitfalls that not just entrepreneurs go through, but what many people experience. Faltering health.

He was reminiscing about a talk that he had with a few other CEOs and he was amazed with all the technological advances in medicine. He was told that “as long as you take relatively good care of yourself over the next 15 years, you can have a relatively high quality of life to over 100 years old”.

Can you believe it? That’s amazing! But the thing is, and I see this everyday, that we have failed to find that time and effort to take care of ourselves.

This includes not just working out, but eating right, sleeping, and developing deep relationships (both personally and professionally).

“When you have your health, you have 1000s of dreams”… The sky’s the limit for what you can do. “When you don’t have your health, you have but only one dream, and that is getting it back”.- John Bowen

Did you know that if your body fat >25% in men, and >30% in women, then you are classified as obese? And this also puts you in a higher risk category for developing chronic diseases?

Not only does it have a huge impact on your health but all aspects of your life.

I want to ask yourself the following questions:

“Are you taking the necessary steps to improving your health?”

“Are you fulfilling your dreams”

“Are you happy?”

As you can see, all three of these questions are related. As John Bowen said, if your health is compromised, your single dream to focus on is getting it back.

So what can you do today? Drink an extra glass of water, add an extra vegetable to your meal, walk up and down the stairs for 20 minutes at leisurely place (and listen to this podcast). And last but not the least, reach out to me. Let me know how I can help you achieve your dreams.

No dream is too big nor too small. I look forward to hearing from you.



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