Weakness and Sciatica pain

Sciatica nerve irritation can cause weakness in your legs

Why this matters:

The spectrum of nerve irritation looks like this (from most irritation to least): Complete loss of sensation or muscle function-> muscle weakness-> pins and needles-> burning-> sharp shooting pain->deep ache-> soreness-> heaviness/tightness-> no pain or weakness at all.

So if you’re experiencing new weakness at the same time as the start of your sciatica pain, then we are dealing with a high level of nerve irritation.

The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in the body. It can be irritated by discs, arthritis, stenosis, or even tightness the moment it exits the spine (such as the hip, hamstring, knee, and even the calves).

Action steps:

If you have muscle weakness at the start of your pain, be examined by a physician to rule out spinal cord compression.

If you don’t have spinal cord compression, it is time to find the cause of nerve irritation. How? By finding the positions that relieve the pain. In fact, try out a stretch and retest your strength. Does the strength improve? Then absolutely do more of that stretch. If no change (in anything) time to find something else.

Recovery is problem solving. 

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