What does a Spinal Disc do?

Disc bulges are not as scary as you think. There’s been a growing number of evidence out there showing little correlation between disc bulges, herniations, and pain. 

One research study has actually shown that after pain relief caused by a herniated disc, there was actually no change in the disc itself and this indicated that the mechanism of pain was actually not caused by a disc herniation. So does that mean that spinal discs have no role in our spine function? Not at all. In fact, there are many functions that the spinal disc serves for the body. 

And the first piece is that it acts as a fulcrum of movement, which is very similar to the midpoint of a seesaw which allows the spine to have fluid motion and prevent unnecessary rubbing. 

The second function is shock absorption. So every force has an equal and opposite reaction,  meaning every single step you take, it translates the force from the ground to your leg, to your pelvis, and then to your spine. It’s a normal function of these discs to take on that load. 

And the last function is to actually increase your overall standing height. And you are in fact the tallest when you’re younger, between your 20s and 50s, as well as in the morning. And then the height of your disc in the body decreases as you get older and as a day goes on because these structures start to dry out. 

The spinal discs do serve some major responsibilities and they play a huge role in the function of your spine. And the reality is that your discs can get worn out or bulged due to just increased motion over time. As the shape of these structures change, the mechanics of your spine also changes as well. Sometimes for better or worse, but it truly is a normal part of the process. So you don’t have to let a bulging or degenerated disc scare you. 

So today, I encourage you to say this to yourself: “My disc will not hinder me because it might not even be the source of the problem, and then all the way we go to healing from this pain. 

Tomorrow I should gonna be sharing with you the best ways on how to reduce current disc herniations and to prevent any ones from happening in the future.


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