What is Nerve Pain?

Sometimes, pain lasts beyond six to eight weeks which falls outside the typical healing window for most tissue injuries. In some cases, pain can actually be present in the absence of an actual injury observed by an X-ray, MRI, or even a CT scan. 

Now, your pain could actually be related to nerve irritation. Nerves are responsible for connecting your brain to the rest of your body, and they’re super sensitive to changes in condition. Now, nerve irritation can feel like burning, generalized pain, pins and needles, as well as numbness and tingling. And the best way to relieve this is to find the positions that reduce or completely eliminate the pain. And you can tell that a stretch and exercise are helpful when the pain intensity reduces, the area of pain decreases where the pain moves closer to her spine, which is known as centralization of symptoms. The great news is that we can actually affect these nerves pretty quickly without the use of medications.


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