What is Sciatica?

Here at, we help busy adults live free of sciatica pain without the use of medications or surgery. And the first step to fixing this issue is answering the question, “What is Sciatica?”. 

Now, this term is a description of either a deep ache burning or some sort of sharp shooting pain that runs in line with the back portion of your thigh, which is the sciatic nerve. And that’s it, the diagnosis does not indicate any sort of cause of the pain. When you search for the best stretches for sciatica, you’ll find a ton of conflicting information, and that’s because the cause of pain and treatment is entirely independent of the individual and not the name itself. And so the key to treating this is focusing on you and not your diagnosis. 

So if you’re going through an active bout of sciatica right now, say this to yourself: “Sciatica is not a death sentence and I’m going to recover”. 

And that’s what we’re here to help you out with. Any questions or comments feel free to write in the comments below.


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