Why are your muscles tight?

Muscle tension can be caused by true tightness or instability.

Why this matters:

We all need a baseline level of muscle tension. That tight feeling you experience is a reaction to something. If your body is extremely flexible but your body feels tight, you’re probably dealing with some sort of instability (and your body is seeking stiffness). On the other hand, if you spend the majority of your day sitting, your body may be truly tight. So if you are perpetually “tight” or constantly stretching without much relief, then the following action steps are for you.

Action steps:

If you are more “flexible”, instead of stretching out your muscles, try rolling them out (or massage). This quadriceps rollout is often overlooked. This will improve blood flow and provide some temporary relief from that tension. The key to your success is creating tension in the areas that are the most needed (most likely your core). Another way to think about it is generating “core stiffness”. If your body is truly tight (aka can’t move because of the tension), then stretching may help. But I do prefer/recommend joint movements like this hip floss, or like above, roll out your muscles. The key to success in this scenario is to get up and move often. Even something like walking for 5 minutes every hour can help.


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