Why do I have pain at night?

Pain at night can be caused by many factors.

Why this matters:

Understanding the cause of your pain makes it easier for you to start solving this problem. Pain at night can mean a lot of different things. Are you experiencing pain the moment you go to bed? It might be related to the activities you did all day (it’s best to start retracing your steps to find out your triggers). Do you wake up in the middle of the night? (It may be based on sleeping position or sleeping surface). Do you feel the most pain when you wake up and get your day started? (It may be related to being stiff after sleeping for 5-8 hours). Can you elaborate on how pain at night is affecting you and when does it come on?

Action steps:

Try to be as descriptive as possible about your pain at night. When does it come on? Does it get influenced by activity? Is it in the middle of the night? Do you feel it most in the morning? If you can answer these questions you are one step closer to sleeping more soundly and without pain.

Share with me your night pains, so we can figure this out together.


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