Will Shoes Fix My Pain?

Shoes can impact your pain

Why this matters: The shoe market is crazy, as it spends so much money on marketing the benefits of wearing their newest technology. Softer shoes to cushion the impact with running, rocker shoes to improve your posture and get rid of your pain. But this study done in 2013 showed that the “new technology” wasn’t as effective as wearing a flatter shoe.

A flatter shoe provided more support and allowed you to be more in control of how you walk and stand. The rocker shoe, or even more cushiony shoe can result in instability leading you to stand in awkward positions so you don’t fall over. 

A more cushioned shoe actually resulted in a greater impact force as compared to a hard shoe. This means that if you’re wearing a softer shoe, you’re more likely to hit the ground with more force with each step. More impact = more opportunities to get hurt.

Action steps: Find a shoe that is the most comfortable for you. If you are in the market for a new shoe try out multiple models and buy the one that feels the greatest to you. Avoid the marketing pitfall of “new technology” as you are the ultimate guide to your relief/recovery. Also, experiment with walking barefoot around your house (without socks) and see how you feel.

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