You need to take a break

Short rest breaks help with moving without pain

Why this matters:

Sciatica pain limits activity. So much so that even the most basic tasks can be hard to do such as walking to the bathroom and doing household chores. However, we often forget that we can take short rest breaks to allow the body to recover and calm down from the stresses brought on by these activities.

I had a patient who was suffering from sciatica who knew how important walking was to her health and recovery. But she was so overwhelmed by walking outside that she stayed in her home for days on end. Only leaving her house for groceries (which caused a whole lot of anxiety and pain). We went for a walk together outside in the lovely California sun. I purposely had her take a seat and rest every 3-5 minutes. A typical 20 minute walk for me, was spread out into a 45 minute session of just walking with specific rest breaks. At the end, she said “Ashley, that’s exactly what I needed today. I feel great!”.

These breaks do not need to be long. They just need to have enough time to allow the body to recover.

Action steps:

Take frequent rest breaks when doing any activity. Even a 10 second break can be the difference between a lot LESS pain and a lot MORE pain. Take as many breaks as needed to get the job done. Certainly things will take a little bit longer, but in exchange for less pain, isn’t it worth it?

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