See you at the gym on Sunday?

The weekend is finally here! It was only a few days ago when you walked into your offices and asked yourself, when is Saturday coming? Well, ask and you shall receive, it is tomorrow!

All joking aside it was a great week. Every Friday we identify a “Bright Spot”, which is a small or big win that happened over the past few days. It puts into perspective everything that we’ve accomplished and done to get us one step closer to our goals. Added an extra serving of vegetables to your meals this week? Amazing! Clothes fit a lot better now? Awesome! Did you get a new promotion/project at work and you’re super excited? Hell yes!

We want to celebrate with you. Identifying these small wins is what helps replenish the renewable resource, motivation. This is what gets us working towards our goals every single day. However, if we don’t identify these successes, our motivation can run out and we can fall off the reigns. Also, if we try to approach our goals too intensely by: being too strict on our diet, working out too many days in a row, or working out too hard, this can cause set backs. 

That means that if you were consistent with your behaviors this week, that’s also a win! Consistency is going to be the tool that is going to help us get closer to our goals. It is the wins we identify that supplies the motivation, fuels the consistency, which brings the results we want.

So share with us today your bright spots. We can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Also, in the spirit of celebration: we are hosting an awesome fundraiser workout/get together this Sunday October 6th at 11am. It is going to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and was suggested by one of our members, Jenna. If you would like to donate to a great cause and get to know our community a little better…. We’d love to have you!

Have a great weekend,

*Our fall nutrition challenge is a few weeks away. If you are looking to get a handle over your nutrition and are tired from taking supplement after supplement, or are tired of jumping from diet plan to diet plan, this is for you. Our principle based approach will help you make the necessary changes to your nutrition to help accelerate fat loss, improve energy, reduce stress, and better yet, get you prepared for the holiday season. It is $149 to participate with the opportunity to win back $25 (to use for future training or nutrition services). Interested in getting on board with the program? Reply to this message or email Challenge begins November 1st!


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