Healthcare by Text Message?

What if you didn’t have to go to the doctor to help navigate some of the common issues like the cold, headaches, etc? Imagine all ...
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Back, hips, or something else?

Sciatica pain is caused by many things. Why this matters: If you can determine the cause of your pain, you can figure out how to ...
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How to manage flare ups

Flare ups will happen. Why this matters: Accepting the fact that you will have an occasional flare up in pain, will help you overcome these ...
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Pain with kettlebell swings?

You’re doing kettlebell swings wrong. Why this matters: I love kettlebell swings. It teaches the optimal hip hinge with power. Strength is the ability to ...
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Navigating Menopause and Sciatica Pain

In your 40s and 50s with sciatica? You may be experiencing a perfect storm of hormones during Menopause and actual sciatica pain. We interview Amitha ...
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Emergency Room Physical Therapy?

Did you know that physical therapists play a crucial role in the Emergency Department? Today we meet with Dr. Rebekah Griffith, PT, DPT, NCS who ...
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What’s a herniated disc?

Are you lumbar discs causing your pain? Find out below. Why this matters: A research article from 2015 showed a high proportion of changes in ...
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What’s an anterior pelvic tilt?

Your pelvis position can have a role in your pain relief. Why this matters: During a physical exam, we’ll be looking at your spine and ...
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Sciatic Nerve Stretch?

You may be stretching your sciatic nerve too much. Why this matters: Research has shown that stretching or mobilizing the sciatic nerve through flossing can ...
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Direct Primary Care and Sciatica Pain

When was the last time you met with your primary care doctor? Did you know that they serve as the gatekeeper to your health? They ...
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