*Updated* Self Sciatica Treatment!

A few years ago I shared a self treatment episode to walk you through sciatica pain management. Over the years, I’ve acquired new knowledge through ...
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Pain Management and Sciatica Pain

What is a pain management specialist? Why would you see one? How are they different than any other doctors out there? Today we interview Dr. ...
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Turmeric and Sciatica Pain

Meet Dr. Shivani Gupta, entrepreneur, and PhD in Turmeric. Today we discuss the benefits of Turmeric, Ayurvedic medicine, and how this amazing plant and curcumin ...
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Best Shoes for Sciatica Pain

Buying shoes doesn’t have to be complicated. But the market out there is overwhelming and it shouldn’t be. This episode covers all you need to ...
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Another spinal traction technique

Spinal traction can be helpful if your body needs it. Why this matters: In most cases of people dealing with sciatica pain, there is a ...
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A new way of spinal decompression

Inversion tables are overrated. Why this matters: Sometimes elongation of your spine is exactly what you need. Spinal traction can help with herniated discs because ...
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Stop wasting your time

Are you doing stretches in both directions? You may be slowing your recovery time. Why this matters: When you’re in an active state of pain, ...
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Improve your breathing

Take a bigger breath in and out. Why this matters: If you hold your breath, or fail to fully expand your rib cage when taking ...
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Open your back ribs

You need to breathe better. Why this matters: Your breath begins at the diaphragm, meaning when you inhale, the belly/abdomen should be expanding in a ...
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Total Motion Release for Sciatica Pain?

The Total Motion Release method was a way to help the rest of the body heal the sciatic nerve pain. How does it work? Why ...
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