One simple trick to having a better Monday

Let’s face it. Mondays aren’t always that great. For the most part, Mondays usually call for meeting after meeting, being told that there are delays in our projects, given new work orders, or are just overwhelmed after a chill weekend.

As a result, this chaos can actually throw a huge wrench in our plan to get things done during the week and can actually have an impact on what we do outside of work. Examples include less sleep, missed workouts, and eating poorly. These are three very important components to optimal health, fat loss, and injury recovery.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there is one simple tip that you can take today that will actually set the tone for the week and you will be so glad that you took action.

So for today, think about the concept of “better”. Ask yourself, what can be done to make Monday just 1% better? You might be surprised by what comes to mind. It could be to go to bed an hour earlier today; plan out three blocks during the week to workout; prep that salmon from yesterday’s shared recipe.

The possibilities are endless.

So try that out today and then see if you can practice that thinking every single day. You will notice a huge difference in how you feel and how the week treats you.

Enjoy your Sunday,



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