What to do when you don’t feel like cooking

Cooking and cleaning takes time. We only have 24 hours in a day which can often be filled with kids, work, stress and life. I’ll be honest, I don’t have the desire to cook for about 50% of the time. Luckily my wife and I work together and come up with some super simple meals that we can prepare on Sundays. My wife travels for work probably 1-2 weeks out of the month. I’ll be honest, during that time I have zero desire to cook.

So what can you do when this happens?

  1. You can choose to not eat. But then you’d be hungry and cranky and that isn’t fun.

  2. You order delivery

  3. You go to a restaurant

The challenge with points 2 and 3 is that you do not know what is put in the recipes. Extra salt, fat, preservatives, processed junk? Which is why premade meal delivery services can be so great. We had the opportunity to meet with Michelle from Busy Bee organics to learn more about what her company does and how she can help those who are looking for a healthy meal that is also convenient.

Busy Bee Organics is an established, unique meal prep company local to Jersey City and Hoboken. With a staff of nutrition professionals and natural food chefs, their fully prepared meals are designed with your health and busy schedule in mind.  Not only do they label all of their food items with macro-ingredients, but they also are completely customizable! 

All of their meals are plant based, gluten-free and dairy-free. 

Vegetarian? Vegan? Paleo? No problem, they have your back. This is perfect as you are getting yourself prepared for the large meals and parties to come during the holidays. We are all so busy, and Busy Bee takes the difficulty right out of having clean, healthy meals at your fingertips.

You can order all of your meals every Friday, and pick them up right at the gym on Monday! Check them out at or on instagram @busybeeorganics!

Happy clean eating, Pandas!



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