What’s your job?

Happy Saturday!

This morning, my wife and I are sitting on our couches getting ready to watch the Wimbledon Women’s Final Match.  This got me thinking about the journey to compete at this level. Every single day of training, recovery, and decision off the tennis courts have led them to the championship.

Being a professional tennis player is their job. That means every single decision and action leads to the successful completion of their job duties (winning matches). This includes training on a regular basis, eating the right foods to support performance, quality time with loved ones, and stress management.  Even with the best training programs, if these players have a bad night of sleep or are stressed out, they will experience a decline in their performance.

What is your job? Or better yet, who are you? Does every decision you make get you closer to winning your “championship”? Have you taken the necessary actions to help you win?  Even though you may not be a professional tennis player, there are parallels to both of your lives ensure success. Regular exercise, nutrition for performance/health, stress management, and quality with loved ones are crucial to helping you be your best.

So before you go about the rest of your day, ask yourself this question: Are you taking the actions so that you can win today? What are those actions?

If you don’t know, let us know how we can help.



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