It’s Bright Spots Friday!

Hello there!

The week has finally come to a close! Every Friday we like to celebrate what is called a ‘bright spot’. These ‘bright spots’ are small wins/victories that have happened over the course of the past week so that we can reflect how much awesome progress we’ve made! It is especially important to identify the small wins when trying to accomplish a specific goal. You see motivation is a finite resource and you can only ingest so many motivational quotes and instagram photos that will tell you to just ‘grind’.

The human mind really benefits from identifying successes more than identifying losses. Spotting these small wins throughout a health and fitness journey will be important for continued progress, no matter how big or small.

An example would be if you had a weight loss goal. Now you may have worked out 3 times this week and ate more vegetables than ever; but then you hop on the scale and don’t notice any change in weight. However, you did notice that you’ve had more energy, your clothes fit better, and that you’ve worked out more times during the week than ever! Even though the scale might say one thing, looking at the other factors in your life are indicating that you are moving in the right direction.

So what are your biggest wins this week? Let’s celebrate them and come up with a plan for the next step!

Enjoy your day!



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