Do you remember?

The 21st of September!

Was that cheesy? Usually my wife and I go grocery shopping every Saturday, but not this weekend! Today is my younger brother’s wedding and instead of hitting up the farmers market, we are out of town to celebrate this amazing day! Today I wanted to share with you our top 5 tips to eating at weddings:

  1. Start with vegetables! The crunch of the vegetables will slow down the pace of your eating. Plus, these low caloric foods will also satisfy your appetite to prevent over indulging later on!

  2. Eat some protein! I usually turn to the steak or chicken (my favorite proteins). It will help out with satiety and will get you properly fueled up to dance the night away.

  3. Drink plenty of water! Some of you may drink alcohol, which is perfectly ok. However, hydrating properly will be really helpful in ensuring the night doesn’t turn into a complete blur. You will be thankful for this tip the next morning.

  4. Dance! If you feel like the food you just ingested is weighing you down, get up and move on to the dance floor to help you out! (I love the cha cha slide)

  5. Enjoy yourself. It isn’t everyday that someone you care about gets married. Have fun at this memorable event. (You can eat your cake too!)

This got me thinking about the deeper relationship that we have with food.  What we put in our bodies is more than just about calories in/out, energy management, sports performance and weight control. But food tells a story of your family, culture and heritage. It is a way for people to gather and build deeper relationships.

My family is Chinese and our future sister-in law is Korean, two Asian cultures that have a huge focus on food! I just overheard that there is a ton of meat that’s been marinating since Tuesday. Not only am I excited to eat, but what I am really looking forward to is enjoying it with my family and our (new) extended family.

Nothing gets better than eating food that tells a story with the people you care about. So the next time you eat, think about what makes that meal so special. You’ll be surprised by how much more satisfying and tastier it becomes.

Have a great Saturday,


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