There are 9 days left…

If you missed yesterday’s message, January 19th is Quitters Day (check it out on google). It is the day where most people give up on their New Year resolution’s fitness goals. 

I was just speaking with a client last night and we were talking about how hard it was to get started with a fitness routine again. The holidays, travel and busy schedules make it hard to stick with a consistent plan. However, she did tell me that she had a private trainer come to her home twice a week so that she had no excuse to workout and that she has been trying to attend yoga at least once per week.

It was great to have her back at the gym. Little did she realize that she has already made some amazing strides to getting back into a workout routine. She also told me about the cool nutrition challenge she did independently.

After identifying these ‘wins’ or as we call them ‘bright spots’, we realized that she was already on track with her goals. We came up with a plan of action that was going to provide constant motivation and forward progress.

Do you ever feel like you’re losing motivation? Try this simple exercise and answer this question: What went well this week? This is called a ‘bright spot’ and we write about them every Friday for a few reasons: 1) It starts the week off on the right foot and 2) it helps boost motivation.

Whatever program you are doing right now will not work if you stop on January 19th and return to your old ways. Today look at all the progress you’ve made and celebrate. You deserve it.

If you’re having trouble trying to identify big wins, or you aren’t quite sure how to get started, book a call with a member of the team today by clicking here. We’ll identify your goals, help you find bright spots’ and come up with a plan of action for you that will yield amazing results.

Also, if you’re looking for the next steps following your January 2020 nutrition plan, our February nutrition challenge is perfect for you. Don’t let your results go to waste by returning back to your old ways. This 28 day challenge will help you continue to lose fat, build energy, and also improve your cardiovascular health. February is national cardiovascular health month, so expect to see some heart healthy food options and action steps to help make sure your “ticker” is at its optimal health. You don’t have to be a member to participate. We’d love for you to join us. You can register at this link ($149 with a chance to win back $25) or respond “challenge” to this message to get more information. 

Enjoy your weekend,



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