Recover without doing anything!

Herniated discs will heal spontaneously within 6-12 weeks.

Why this matters:

You should be able to get some sort of relief with just time. This is due to the natural healing process of an injury. You can either wait for that healing process to occur or see a professional to heal faster. When you are outside of the 6-12 week window, you need to do something for recovery.

One of the biggest challenge to this above notion that discs will heal on their own, is that a lot of times, discs aren’t even the source of the pain.

Action steps:

While in the healing window: focus on moving, complete the stretches/exercises/positions that provide you the most relief and avoid the activities that make the pain worse.

Regardless of your healing journey, don’t waste your time trying to “wait” things out. You should not push past your pain threshold (it can sometimes make things worse). Ask for help, do your research, take action.

If you are outside of the 12 week window and currently working with a professional, communicate with them about your progress. Tell them what’s helping and what isn’t.

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