Roll out your quads

The front of your thighs does not get enough attention.

Why this matters:

The muscles on the front of your thigh are called your quadriceps, or “quads”. They are one of the largest and strongest muscle groups in the body. The quads are responsible for straightening out your knee (knee extension) and bending your hip (hip flexion). One movement that often gets overlooked is it’s role on the position of your pelvis. 

When sitting for long periods of time, the quads can actually pull that pelvis forward causing an “anterior pelvic tilt”. This position is not always a bad thing. However, this tilt of the pelvis (super arched back and butt out) makes your back a little more extended. Over time, this can result in arthritis development, stenosis, and even sometimes the famous spondylolisthesis

This can be avoided by providing some tender loving care to the quadricep muscles.

Action steps:

Try massaging your quads with a foam roller or something hard. If you really need it, this technique will be uncomfortable, but you’ll notice that you’re standing up taller, and you’ll have less of a pinch in your hips and your low back. You may even notice that your pain levels have gone down, especially in the event that arching your back causes more pain.

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