Stop picking your scabs.

Why this matters:

When was the last time you picked a scab? Did it bleed? It most likely took a little longer to heal than a scab that wasn’t picked. This is very similar to how sciatica pain behaves. When you’re in pain, you have a “scab” that is in the process of healing. If you refrain from picking it, or irritating the pain, the healing process can occur. However, when you do the activities that flares up the pain, we pick at that scab. It delays the healing process. Stop picking your scabs.

Action steps:

Make a list of activities that flare up your pain. Stop doing them. If you don’t have a choice, find a way to modify the activity so that you have minimal flare up. Not sure how to make that happen? Reply to this email and I’ll share with you some modifications.


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