Stretch this… Day 1

Your hips are not moving enough

Why this matters:

The hips and ankles are the most flexible joints from the chest down. If you have tight hips and ankles, the loss of motion needs to be made up somewhere else (often the knee and back). This is why when you have knee pain, the hip and ankle are also looked at to ensure that they’re doing their jobs.

Without enough motion at the hips, the back must make up for that lack of motion. There’ll be a lot of unnecessary bending and twisting. A little motion is ok, but too much can cause a problem.

Your hips can get tight for a number of reasons: sitting for too long, standing for too long, pretty much doing any static position for too long. But we can fix it.

Action steps:

Floss out your hips. Instead of a static stretch, as you can see in this video, we are moving in and out of tension. You can either move forward and backward, or (counter) clockwise. I recommend about 2 minutes per hip.You can find more stretches and exercises like this in our Sciatica Protocol. You can begin your free trial today. Check it out here.


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