Stretch this… Day 2

You need hip extension.

Why this matters:

While walking and standing, the hips are in a neutral or extended position, which keeps you from falling over. If you sit too long, the hip flexors can get extremely tight. As a result, we try to stand up tall, but will often “arch” the back. This is linked to a condition known as an anterior pelvic tilt. A back arch is not bad, however, if you do this movement enough, the sciatic nerves can get pinched. Yes, bending forward can open up the back a little bit, but we need to address the source: hip extension (think kicking the leg back).

Action steps:

Do this stretch. The key to success is keeping the abs engaged, and driving through with the hips. You’ll feel a nice stretch in the front crease of your hip. Pulse in and out of tension and you’ll notice your pain start to go down, hips feel looser, and you’ll be able to stand up taller. I recommend 2 minutes per side.

*Note: if you can get the back thigh all the way down to the ground, you might not need this stretch. Stay tuned for another stretch tomorrow.


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