Stretch this… Day 3

This stretch is very “un-ladylike”.

Why this matters:

In previous generations, and even today, it is immodest to sit with the knees out (aka spreading them). I’ve seen this in adults ages 40 and up, where they haven’t spent enough time with their knees separated. As a result, the adductors (inner thighs) get really tight. The inner thighs are responsible for closing the knees together, but also kicking the leg back (hip extensors). Without sufficient flexibility in these muscles, we’re looking at tight hips, pinching hips, and pinching at the low back that can cause sciatica pain. It’s time to open the hips up more.

Action steps:The Cossack Squat is a great way to build both strength and range of motion. Rather than holding a static stretch, we go in and out of the restriction. This results in more flexibility without pain. I recommend completing 10 repetitions per side.


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