The perfect storm

Consider your pain as a storm in the ocean and you’re a boat.

Why this matters:

Pain is a normal part of life. It signals to us that we are experiencing something that may be dangerous and cause harm. You’re the pilot of the boat (your body). Storms will happen, it’s a part of nature.

We can’t control the storms. But we can control every other factor of the situation:

  1. We can avoid the storms, by paying attention to the gps and weather. Avoid driving in the direction of the storm. Although sometimes they can come on suddenly and without warning. That’s ok, move onto step 3.
  2. Maintain your boat. Ensure the nuts and bolts are tight. Replace or take care of any pieces that are wearing down.
  3. Storms will pass. So even if you’re caught in one, hold on tight and steer your boat wherever you can. Storms have eyes (area of calmness), and they will pass. Do whatever you can to survive.
  4.  Build a bigger and stronger boat. So what if a storm comes? You’re piloting the next big aircraft carrier. Your size and resiliency will crash through the waves, and you’ll be left in one piece.

Actions steps:

Analogies are great and all, but what can we do about this in our bodies?

  1. Be responsible for your actions. Move well with optimal body mechanics. Do you identify that you have poor posture? Change it up. Do you know that you have poor mechanics when picking up your child? Change it. Avoid the opportunities to injure yourself or change the way you do things.
  2. Take care of your body. Sleep, hydrate, move often, and connect with your loved ones. The better your health, the better you’ll be when it comes to overcoming pain.
  3. You will experience pain flair ups. They happen. Accept that fact, and it’s time to breathe. When you do have a flare up, focus on the things that you know make you feel better… Stretch, roll out, breathe, and move. This episode shall pass.
  4. We need to build resiliency. We need to move so that our muscles and joints are strong and healthy. It can be something as simple as walking every day, or under supervision and guidance to actually start a strengthening program. Build up your body so that it can get strong and minimize those opportunities for pain.

You’re the captain of this ship. 

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