How to get 6 pack abs as fast as possible

We are at the peak of information access. There are so many articles, videos, blogs, stories about the best ways to get “6 pack abs!” But with all the information that is out there, why is it that the American public has an increasing rate of chronic diseases associated with obesity?

Did you know that a body fat percentage greater than 32% for women and 25% for men is considered obese? This can be measured through biometric testing which is done at the doctor’s office or here at our gym. Another way to measure this is by waist circumference (between your hips and your rib cage, right above your belly button). The obesity classification would start at waist sizes greater than 40” in men and 35” in women.

To get visible 6 pack abs, body fat percentage has to be below 15% in both men and women. As it shows on the internet, there are some really fast ways to get there! However, fast results don’t necessarily mean long term, healthy, or even sustainable. However, there are a few ways for you to accelerate the fat loss process so that you can have a more toned abdomen. Even following one of these can get you one step closer to that tighter stomach!

  1. Eat appropriately for your activity type. If you exercise 5x/week it is important that you are fueling yourself enough to complete those activities. If you are severely undereating, it could cause a number of problems for you. It can even result in weight gain, water retention, muscle loss, injury and sickness!

  2. Fuel yourself with minimally processed foods. The RDA recommends at least 1 serving of fruit per day and at least 2 to 3 cups per day of vegetables.

  3. Carbs are your friend! They are useful to supply energy to your brain and body. If you are trying to watch your intake, switch to more whole grains rather than processed grains!

  4. Eat lean protein at every meal. This will help with muscle development which is an important part to the fat loss process.

  5. Do full body exercises with resistance! This will do two things: build up your lean muscle to turn you into a fat burning machine. Plus being stronger is so much better during workouts allowing you to work more intensely, and more intensity=more results.

  6. Sleep 7+ hours per day. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body will retain fat as a way to preserve energy.

Losing fat to get closer to a 6 pack is simple, but not easy. There are so many options out there that can work, if you stay consistent and modify your behaviors. However, if you feel like you’ve jumped from diet plan to diet plan and workout to workout, then it might be time for you to go back to the basics. If you don’t know where to start, book a no snack intro (here) with our nutrition coach Amber. She just graduated with her Master’s in nutrition sciences and is on her way to getting her Registered Dietitian credential. That means that she knows her stuff and she is really excited to help you.

Not quite if you’re ready to book a meeting with her yet? No worries, we are running a 28 day nutrition challenge starting November 1st, which gives you a few more weeks to decide. Any questions about how this program can help you, you can email

This 28 day challenge is going to help you make the necessary changes to lose that stubborn belly fat, improve your energy, reduce your stress, and ultimately get you prepared for this upcoming holiday season (which is right around the corner).

Have a great day,


*Interested in hearing more about the fitness aspect of things? Meet with one of our team members during our free no sweat intro. This 15-20 minute meeting will include a biometric test, review of your current programs and the creation of an actionable plan that will help you! Click here to book.

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