Members got messy this weekend!

This weekend was one of the famous Tough Mudder TriState races. It included 10 miles of mud, obstacles, electric fences and more! Three of our members: Kim, George and Evan conquered the race and had a great time.

These three have been members of the gym for a little over 18 months now. Kim and George’s original goals were to be in adventure race shape, and Evan started doing these events around the same time. 

We’re really proud of their accomplishments and are excited for more events in the future!

Whether it be a race, aesthetic, performance, or health goal, it is always important to have a clear plan. That way when trying to pursue them you are prepared and understand what it takes to accomplish your goals. And these plans don’t have to be complicated either. Here are the steps to making an actionable plan (let’s start small with a 6 week goal).

  1. Establish a goal that you would like to accomplish in 6 weeks. If it is a weight loss goal, you are looking at a safe number of 1-2lbs per week (as per the CDC recommendation)

  2. Break that 6 week period into 2 week microcycles.

  3. Establish priorities for each of these periods. Those priorities should be compounding on one another so that you can continue to progress.

  4. Assess frequently. Celebrate your wins! Change the plan if needed but wait for at least a week before giving up.

  5. Create contingencies should your initial action steps fall through. Life does happen so it is important for you to be prepared to work around those challenges

Everyone who walks into our door goes through what we call a no sweat intro. Consider it a strategy session to build an actionable route for you to follow so that you can accomplish your goals. From there all you have to do is follow through and see the results unravel in front of your eyes.

And when you do accomplish your goals, the journey doesn’t end there. In fact we schedule a quarterly review with our clients so that way we can reflect on the amazing progress they’ve made, and then set our sights on the next steps! The cycle repeats.

So if you are tired of not having a plan in place to help you be successful. Book your intro with us today by clicking on this link.


*Join in on our 28 Nutrition challenge. This is going to help you reset your eating habits so that you can feel better as well as look better. Be part of an amazing group that will provide actionable steps for you to be successful while also holding you accountable to develop the right way to fuel your body. It is $149 to enroll with the possibility to win a $25 credit towards other coaching services. Clickhereto sign up now We are also providing a free Sober November challenge that will begin on the same day. Interested in either program? Emailamber@hudsonriverfitness.netto for more info! Kick off meeting for the challenge is on 10/26 at 2pm.


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