Meet Jenna!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma society, a foundation that is held very dearly to our member Jenna’s heart. We were able to raise over $400!

She’s been a member of Hudson River Fitness for a little over a year and has accomplished so much since she joined.  Read more for her story:

Jenna was always an athlete but never really focused on one specific thing for physical activity. She took a whole bunch of fitness classes, Zog Sports events, and even taught a couple Zumba Classes (this was a really cool fun fact!). However, she found that following a consistent program allowed her to find her fitness groove.

Her proudest moment at the gym has been being able to improve her endurance to crush the cardio days. She’s noticed that she is faster and  nothing can stop her. She overcame her injuries and her weight because of the amazing changes she’s made here at the gym.

She recently surprised herself by completing a 24 inch box jump without falling. When she first started with us, she was so afraid of box jumps that she just stepped on the box (which is perfectly fine too). Her next milestone is getting her first pullup! She also lost about 10lbs while working with our nutrition coach Amber!

Since she’s been at the gym, her goals have changed. Initially it was her body weight that was the priority. But as she got stronger, and saw that body weight wasn’t the only metric, she started to see what she could do with her amazing strength and abilities. 

“You’d be surprised by what your body can do when it’s challenged” -Jenna

We are so proud of her accomplishments here at Hudson River Fitness. We can’t wait for what’s to come for her.  Cheers to you Jenna!


PS- If you missed out on the fundraiser this past weekend, no worries, the link to donate is still active. Feel free to share this with your friends too!

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