New Month = Fresh Start

Today marks the second day of a new month. This is the perfect time to get a fresh start, set some new goals and get to work on being the best version of yourself. This means setting new goals both in and outside of the gym.

No matter where you are starting, it’s always nice to have a sounding board for your ideas and someone to help guide you on your path to success. We had the opportunity to sit down with one of our former members, Denise Conte, a certified life coach, divorce coach and positive change accelerator. She supports people through changes and crossroads in their life.

Denise gave a great explanation of the purpose of her work, stating that life coaching “helps people focus on future solutions, where they want to be and how they want to get there.” She is a great resource in helping people create the life they want while providing practical, positive support to individuals who are going through life transitions. Here are 5 action steps that she has to share with you to build your confidence:

  1. Take care of yourself

  2. Dispute negative thoughts and believe in yourself

  3. Know your principles and live them

  4. Invest in yourself

  5. Think positively and act positively

If you or someone you know might benefit from Denise’s services check out her website! Every introductory 25 minute call is free and gives you the chance to see if life coaching will work for you.

Interested in taking that step towards a better self? Book your free no sweat intro with a member of our success team today by clicking on this link. We’d love to help you!



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