What should you be doing the day after Thanksgiving?

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday.

Usually the day after Thanksgiving is spent going out to shop for Black Friday deals, eating leftovers, going back to work, or having another relaxing day with friends and family. However, there are many folks out there who ate a little too much yesterday and are regretting their decision and may feel bloated, gassy, and regretful of their decisions. This then leads to a very intense behavior of eating “nothing” today or completing 200+ burpees to “burn” those calories from the extra slice of pumpkin pie. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, here is what you can do if you feel like you overindulged and are feeling a little guilty about last night:

1) Go back to eating normally. If you want to take a little more of an intense action, make sure that you have a vegetable at every single meal.

2) Go back to your normal workout routine. No need to do anything crazy. In fact, you might be a little sluggish from all the food you ate yesterday.

3) Share any uneaten food with those in need. That can eliminate food waste.

4) Drink plenty of water today. If you are slightly hungover from yesterday’s booze, this will help for sure.

5) Forgive yourself and move forward to another day in the year. You don’t have to let one meal derail your routine.

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Have a great day,



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