What is the best way to start a fitness program?

We have just crossed into the last month of the year meaning that you are most likely thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions come January 1st. With so many options in the area to choose from for fitness routines, it can be really hard to get started and stay consistent.

So if you realized that you need to make a change to your current routine and find a plan that’s in line with your goals, here are a few action steps for you to take as we approach the last few days of this decade.

  1. Identify your goals- What are you working towards? This gives you a direction.

  2. Why those goals are so important to you? This will help you out with staying consistent when things get busy.

  3. Find 3 things that you are currently doing well that will get you closer to these goals. You’ll be surprised that you much closer to your goals than you think. This can actually help you out with staying motivated when making changes.

  4. Evaluate what is missing from your current routine. Do you need to change up what you’re eating? Your workouts? Your behaviors outside the gym?

  5. Implement new changes and reassess every 30-90 days to measure your progress. Add new actions to maximize results.

  6. Repeat until goal is achieved and then identify the next steps.

Thinking about making the change and taking action is more than half the battle. It’s overwhelming to figure out what plans will work best for you. If you feel overwhelmed and not quite sure where to begin reach out for help.

Here is how we help you get started at Hudson River Fitness:

  1. Meet with you for a sit down meeting (the No Sweat Intro)

  2. Understand your goals and motivating factors

  3. Create a plan of action that is going to be the best for you (private training, nutrition coaching, group fitness, or combo).

  4. Implement and reevaluate progress every 30-90 days.

Worry less about all the options that are out there and feel confident about the plan that we will help you take into action. Book your free no sweat intro with a coach this week by clicking on this link!

If you are a parent and would love to workout but have issues with childcare, we just partnered with S.L.A.M Hoboken, a group for young mothers who workout with their children in strollers! You may have seen them in Columbus Park working up a sweat. They will be running their classes at our location(1320 Adams St, Hoboken, NJ) starting tomorrow at 10:15am. Want to attend a class with them? Click on this link to register!

Even though it is the last month of the year, it does not mean that you have to give up on your goals for 2019. We have 31 days left. You can do this!


Today is the last day to register for our 21 day program! Want to make a change before the end of the year and just want to get the fitness journey started? Sign up at this link for 3 private training sessions, and 3 group training sessions per week for the next 21 days! All you need to do is sign up and then book your first training session with a coach!


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