How to make sense of the ‘best’ fitness advice

The evolution of the internet has allowed an exponential growth in information access. Now this is a great way to empower people to increase their knowledge and also provide information to those who would not originally have access to it in the first place.

However, there are some limitations to the massive amount of information that is out there. If you search “fat loss” on google, you will see that there are more than 1 million articles about the “best way to lose fat”. In fact, many of those articles will have conflicting information; examples include putting butter in coffee to accelerate fat loss vs butter raises your cholesterol. This can be very confusing and often times will lead to inaction or misinterpretation of the article itself.

So how can we filter out the information that is going to benefit our health the most? Filtering the information can be done best by noticing patterns across what is written. We found that the most reputable sources were scientific articles, textbooks and professionals. Here are the 5 most common action steps when it comes to improving your health.

  1. Unless you are a vegetarian, you are most likely not eating enough vegetables. Strive for having a serving (1 fistful) of vegetables at every single meal.

  2. Most of us will need more strength training than cardio. There are many benefits to resistance training which includes improved muscle tone, increased function, fat loss, and reduced pain. If you aren’t lifting weights at least 2x per week, it’s time to add some more to your routine.

  3. Being in the Northeast, especially right outside of Manhattan, most of us are undersleeping. Combine that with work stress and alcohol, it is a perfect storm of unrestful sleep. So try to limit your alcohol intake to the weekends and go to bed earlier (try 30 minutes earlier for now)

  4. Consistency is key. You won’t be able to experience the true benefits of any program if you aren’t consistent. This also isn’t limited to just workouts, that includes a nutrition program too. If being consistent with a program is too hard, consider lowering the intensity of the approach.

  5. We are so overloaded with information that sometimes it is best to hire a coach to map out the entire journey for us.

As humans, we make 1000s of decisions every day. The last thing we need is to decide which of the countless number of programs out there is going to work for us. This is exactly why we encourage all prospective clients to sit down and speak with the team during our “no sweat intros”. This 20 minute meeting is an opportunity for you to meet with our success team to discuss 3 things: your goals (where you’re heading); why are they important to you (leads to consistency); and the best plan to lead you to success. We won’t know what the best plan is for you unless we understand your goals and your motivating factors. So if you are ready to have someone create that path to success, then click here to book an intro with us today.

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