How do you spend your Sunday Funday?

A week has passed since Daylight Savings. Have you fully adjusted to the change in time and less daylight? This is the time where energy levels drop, energy dense food consumption increases (Holiday eating and drinking), and going to the gym early in the morning or in the evening become harder and harder. 

So how can you keep up with your fitness program when everything around you is telling you that you should sleep in or stay home once you are finished with work? We make a plan. Without it, you will be flying by the seat of your pants and will be responding to the demands of your schedule and nothing will get done for you. Here are some action steps for you to take this week to make sure that you stick with your routine:

  1. Take 10 minutes today to plan your workouts for the week. It could be exercise selection, or if you are a member of a functional fitness based gym, figure out which classes you are going to attend. If your schedule is really crazy and can’t fit a typical class routine, then book a few sessions with a private trainer. (want to hear more about our training programs? Click here to book an intro with us today).

  2. Take 20 minutes and walk outside today when the sun is out. That additional light is going to boost your mood, reduce anxiety and make you happy that it is Sunday!

  3. Have a hard stop time for work. This might actually be way harder than planning your workout times. It is very easy to stay connected all the time, but the reality is that we do need time to unplug and separate ourselves from work.

It is going to be a great week because YOU are going to make it a great week.

Enjoy your day,



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