How strong is your core?

First off, Happy Veterans Day. On behalf of the team at Hudson River Fitness, we thank you veterans for your service.

There are many benefits to having a strong core which include less pain, reduced risk of injury, improved performance and others. However there hasn’t been a very clear definition of core strength and how it can be applied to everyday life. 

Most people associate core strength with the ability to hold a plank for a really long time, or being able to complete multiple reps of sit-ups, weighted crunches, etc. The reality is that there are three components of core strength: stability, strength, coordination/sequencing.

Stability is being able to resist movement like a plank. Strength actually generates movement like a crunch or weighted sit-up. Most people forget the third aspect which is coordination, being able to have the core (abs, back, hips, pelvic floor) contract at the right times to facility maximal core tension with exercise. This can actually be done with two movements called bracing and rolling.

Rolling is actually a fundamental movement that we’ve developed as children. As we grew older, we started to lose our ability to roll around and that itself can cause movement dysfunction and pain. Take a look at this video to see how you can implement more rolling into your daily activities.

Bracing is something that most of us are capable of doing. If you are having a pelvic floor issue, then speak with a licensed physical therapist about that. Highly suggest Dr. Chitra Mittal of Liberty Physical Therapy if you are living in Jersey City, and Dr. Judith Meer if you live in Hoboken. But if you are good to go on bracing, take a look at this video for the steps needed to brace properly.

Most of the patients that I see in the clinic are usually pretty strong and have stable cores, but it is the coordination/sequence that they lack. So if you are having some recurring back pain, or just feel like you aren’t as strong as you think you should be, take a look at the videos above and see how they help you.


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