“I don’t have time”

Hi there,

Have you ever cancelled your gym membership, returned to your old eating habits, or quit any other routine because of “not having time”?

I’m guilty of it. I joined a club that sent me three books a month to read. At first it was great, I was able to crush a book in a week and half. But then life got busier, I had less time to read and the books started to pile up. After a couple months of not completing any books, I called it quits.

But the reality is that it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time. I wasn’t making reading a priority.

This is perfectly ok. During the period where I wasn’t able to read, I was focusing my energy and attention on other different avenues. I was grooming my staff to help provide a better experience for you, I’ve been building relationships with other business owners so that I can figure out how we can serve you better, and I focused on training in jiujitsu because I wanted to learn something different.

I’ve always had the desire to read books on a regular basis, but then I realized that my attention was taking me somewhere else. There are only 24 hours in a day, so it is a matter of not “time management” but rather “priority management”.

Today I am not telling you to get your priorities in order if you haven’t had time to dedicate to your health. I am telling you that if you choose to not make it a priority at this time, it is totally ok. It doesn’t have to be right now. But the great thing is that there are small changes that you can do to your daily activities that don’t require a ton of time or work to improve how you look and feel. Here are my go to tips to making some changes when it might not be your priority:

1) Add rather than subtract when it comes to food. If you order a burger and fries, make sure that you order a side salad or a side of greens. Eat that first before everything else. At least you will get some veggies.

2) Switch your dress shoes to sneakers on your commute and get off a stop earlier. That longer walk will give you some more time to listen to that podcast on your way to work.

3) Go home after that first drink at happy hour. You’ll feel so much better when you wake up the next morning, I promise.

4) Laugh a little. (No explanation needed).

5) Just breathe. You are human and you for sure need air (prioritize that).

So if your priority isn’t to go to the gym today, thats totally fine. Just understand that time isn’t your limiting factor. We all have the same amount.

If you are ready to make your health a priority, reply “I’m in” to this email. Stay tuned for a new program that is geared specifically for those who aren’t ready for a full fledge training program.



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