Traveling for fun?


If you have off the rest of the week, today probably feels like a Friday to you. Where are you going?

Yesterday I we discussed a few tips to help you stay on your routine when traveling for work. Pretty much the idea is that you should be continuing with your daily habits/rituals even for work travel. As many of you may know, you don’t always travel to the most fun or coolest places. But it is important that you stick to your roots so that you can return back to normal day to day activities when you get back home.

Traveling for fun is a little different. You (usually) have control over where you travel and when you travel. Leading up to the trip, you may clean up your diet and hit the gym so that you are able to feel confident in your swim-suit or feel physically ready to hike that mountain. These are activities that should be implemented into your normal habits. Regardless of where you are going, it is important that you do take some time off of your regular routine if you are experiencing the following:

  1. You are sleep deprived

  2. You are too connected to your devices

  3. You don’t know how to wind down

  4. You drink 5+ glasses/drinks of alcohol per week

  5. You don’t eat any vegetables (I know surprising right?)

If you fall into any one of these categories, I give you permission to do the exact opposite and hop off your routine. That means sleep more, disconnect from technology, go for a walk and listen to the wind, drink less, and eat a ton of veggies! You will feel a huge difference in how your mind performs, your connection with the people you care about, and overall how your body feels.

It is also important to try and implement one of these opposite behaviors back into your routine when you return from work. I could easily say which one of the top 5 are the easiest for me, but the reality is… I am not you. So when returning back from vacation, complete the daily practice of one of those tips above that are the easiest for you.

Vacation is amazing for the mind, body and soul. Use it as a way to refresh the batteries and so that you can take on awesome challenges when you come back home.

Have a great day,



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