How to avoid the meat sweats

Happy July 4th from the team at Hudson River Fitness! Today we all get to celebrate the United States of America’s birthday.

On this holiday, me and my wife usually go to my cousin’s house for a family BBQ. You know what that means, a ton of hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken wings, steak, and all things grilled.  If you didn’t know this about me, I love eating food, especially grilled meats. I had such a blast in Austin last weekend and I am ready to eat even more.

Here is my true confession though… I often eat more food than I should in social situations. It’s actually a nervous behavior of mine. This works for a little while until I really overeat and get the infamous “meat sweats”.  If you experienced this before it is quite unpleasant. So if you are like me and get a little anxious in social situations, here are some tips to help you enjoy your time without overfilling yourself with unnecessary protein.

  1. Fill your plate up with vegetables first. The fiber of vegetables help you chew for longer periods of time, and chewing itself can be therapeutic.

  2. Cut your meat into smaller pieces. When you have more pieces to eat, you will be busy chewing.

  3. Get up and walk around. This will help you in between plates to digest and feel a little better before the next round of food. This is also an opportunity for you to find a quiet spot. 

  4. If you want to avoid the typical conversation of “how’s work”, change up the questions and ask “what movies have you seen recently?”, or my favorite “what videogames are you playing now”. The reality is, no one really plays video games other than me.

  5. Get your heart rate up before the party. I like to workout a few hours before the event, which will calm my nerves as well as help me with my appetite.

Try out these tips today when you are feeling anxious at a barbecue and want to avoid the meat sweats from overeating.

What foods are you most excited to eat today?

Talk soon,



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