What’s your relationship with fitness?

Hi there,

The fitness industry and social media have glorified unrealistic body images for the public. Crazy workout and diet plans were structured to perpetuate this cycle of distorted body image. My concern is for our children and the future. With the rise in social media and technology, this type of thinking and behaviors have influence kids, at an earlier age as compared to what we experienced.  

If you bounced from one workout/diet routine to the other because of how you feel about yourself and how you look, and you are a parent, is this something that you want the future generations to base their self worth upon? Your children will learn their habits and relationships with health from you.

We’ve worked with people of all shapes and sizes with the ultimate goal of improving their health. That includes not just physiologically and physically, but also perceptually as well. The moment you walk into our doors, we let you know immediately that you are awesome, strong, and valuable.  This is also something that we tell our youth clients when they walk into the door.

We work with young adults and teach them how to exercise with the major goal of helping them understand that they are valuable. Whether it be a national level fencer, Formula 1 racing hopeful, or a kid who is looking to boost their confidence when going to a summer camp, we are able to help them not only improve their physical well being, but also improve their overall self worth. Using our training programs as a way to add to their already awesome self, these clients leave the session feeling stronger, more confident, and happier.  This results in a beautiful relationship with fitness.

So if you aren’t feeling the most confident in yourself and want to make a change, I want to let you know that you are good enough, and that you are strong. You’ve taken the hardest step towards realizing that by being a part of this mailing list. But if you are ready to move forward and realize how great you are, book a no sweat intro with us today.  If you have a child that would benefit from learning that they are awesome as well, we’d love to meet them.

Your journey has already started. It’s just a matter of you taking that next step forward.

See you soon,



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