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Hello there,

If you started with a workout routine and/or nutrition plan this year and for some reason (out of your control) have fallen off the wagon, I am telling you today that it is ok.

The term “falling off the wagon” actually came from the temperance movement (Pre-1820s) and it was originally used to describe the cultural shift from regular alcohol consumption to abstaining. At this time, the wagon was thought to carry water with both the driver and passengers drinking it. The wagon itself was actually driven along the streets spraying water on the ground to prevent any excess dirt to be kicked up by other carriages and horses.  

It is actually hard to go in reverse with a horse drawn carriage. Most people who follow a new workout/diet routine often think that there is nothing but forward progress, and if they do happen to “fall off the wagon”, that it will roll away from them. This makes it perceptually harder for people to get back onto their routine.

We all know that consistency will beat intensity any day especially when it comes to improving our health. But the reality is, that life will always throw obstacles in our way to make it challenging to stick to our behaviors. We have two choices when this happens, just give up entirely or to get back to the routine.  I want to tell you today that the wagon doesn’t go anywhere. When you fall off, it stops and waits for you to get back on.

The team at Hudson River Fitness is here for you. If you feel like you are having trouble staying consistent, come on in and we can talk about it. If you aren’t ready to come in and speak with us, that is completely ok. You aren’t alone in this journey to better health and wellness.

We’re not going anywhere without you.

Talk soon,



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