Calling all dads!

Hey there!

Did you know that following a sustainable fitness routine can help you keep up with the demands of a growing child? Imagine being able to run around and play with your kids without pain, fatigue, or general irritability?

I wanted to introduce you to one of the dads at HRF, James. He’s been a member at the Panda Palace since 2017 (can you say OG member?) and is totally crushing it! He joined us a few years back with a couple of low back and shoulder issues. He is also the proud father of two growing boys!

Over the past 2+ years James has improved his strength, conditioning, and overall health so that he can run in the occasional obstacle course race while also keeping up with his busy schedule. He has also talked about his back feeling better than ever!

Today I wanted to share with you the strategies we’ve implemented to help James get to where he is today!

  1. Dedicate at least three sessions per week for working out/physical activity. Yes life can be stressful, but with the addition of these sessions (primarily strength work) we are able to build muscle, which will improve strength, health and reduce pain.

  2. Switch drinking beer with wine and spirits. We discovered that beer resulted in inflammation and discomfort. Research shows that up to 2 glasses per day is ok for men.

  3. Stretch on a daily basis. If your body is stiff and achy, you won’t be able to move around as much. Interested in some videos on useful stretches? Check out this link.

  4. Take some time to chill out. Recovery is key. If that includes hanging out with the people who you care about or taking time for yourself, go for it. The more mentally recharged you are, the better you’ll be able to function.

  5. Eat a ton of vegetables. The sensation of chewing is quite therapeutic. So if you fill your plate with vegetables, you will not stop chewing and you’ll also be filling your body with essential nutrients. It’s a win win.

James isn’t the only dad in our gym that is crushing it. So if you are ready to make a change for yourself and your family, book a no sweat intro with us today. Let’s talk about a plan of action that will help you become the best dad you can be!


PS- Moms, I didn’t forget about you! Stay tuned for a letter specifically written for you!

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