Would you let your phone die?

The answer in your head says “probably not” while your heart says “absolutely”. We are growing constantly reliant on our phones. Whenever the battery runs red and is at 10% we start to panic and then quickly plug that ito a charger.

But what about you? Have you taken time to recharge? What actions have you taken to replenish your batteries? Studies show that providing yourself time to recover results in reduced pain, stress, and in some cases improved weight loss. Sleep and stress management go hand in hand to ensure that you are able to perform at your best day after day. Performing your best could be feeling strong and energetic, but it can also mean being able to be in the moment and enjoy every second with your family.

Not sure how to wind down and recover? Take one of these action steps today:

  1. Set aside 5 minutes of quiet time. Silence your phone and just sit there. You might feel a little anxious, but when you do this enough, you will love it.

  2. Workout 2-3x/week at a moderate to high intensity. This will be really helpful with stress reduction and overall health. Not sure where to start? Reply to this email to talk about how we can integrate workouts into your day.

  3. Limit your caffeine intake to before 2pm. It takes about 10 hours for caffeine to metabolize in your body and can disturb your sleep.

  4. Limit your alcohol intake to no more than 2 drinks. Booze can disrupt normal sleep patterns. One of the many reasons why you will not feel rested after a night of drinking.

  5. Stop looking at screens 30 minutes before bed. Most people say limit it to 2 hours before bed, but who are we kidding? How about we start small and then go from there?

You charge your phone completely everyday. Do you think you charge your body enough for it to perform at its best?

Talk soon,


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